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Piraeus today it is the main port of Athens, the biggest port in Greece, one of the leading ports in the Mediterranean, an important centre of the merchant marine, industry and transportation. Piraeus port is the chief exit point from the city by sea for destinations amongst the Aegean Islands and elsewhere in the east Mediterranean. Domestic destinations include all of the Aegean islands. The port in Piraeus is also used by several Europe cruise companies to welcome visitors to Greece.

The centres of Piraeus are its tree ports: the central port, the Zea Marina and Mikrolimano.

Piraeus in antiquity was an island.
Travellers were ferried across to the mainland, in Greek the word for ferried is dipairounto.  That perhaps explains the origin of its name.
The architect Ippodamos designed the urban planning of Piraeus in the mid 5th century BC. Ippodamos plans were used as the guidelines for the reconstruction of the city in 1834. Themistocles was the first person to realise the importance of the role the could play for Athens. He made Piraeus Athens leading port relegating the bay of Faliron which the Athenians used before the 5th century BC.

Piraeus Things To Do
The most important thing to do is to take a ferry to the Greek Islands. You also can have a nice walk in the harbour and look at many amazing yachts and ships. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus, 31 Ch. Trikoupi Street,. Established in 1935 and expanded in 1966, the Piraeus Museum is small in size, yet holds a number of significant pieces in its collection.
The exhibits relate the history and
the rise and fall of the ancient city.
Maritime museum
Among the exhibits there are models of ancient and mondern ships, paintings by some of the greatest 19th and 20th century Greek painters of seascapes also guns, maps, flags, medals, nautical instruments, etc. The Maritime is located at Akti Moutsopoulou. Its exhibits cover about 3,000 years of Greek nautical history. Details